Your global supply chain relies on timely decisions, made on the basis of accurate and well-interpreted data. Acuitive’s software tools provide international logistics solutions that make it easy to manage and improve internal processes and business rules through fast, efficient communication between key internal and external stakeholders.

Why Acuitive?

We have created a smart, intuitive  way to tame the complexity of international logistics with a suite of multi-modal TMS portals.

The result is the ability to control decentralized decision-making, improve data accuracy, and create accountability and visibility. This brings speed and automation to the entire process, from planning through auditing. As a result, our customers’ global transportation management is fast, agile in the face of unexpected changes, and allows you to grab the opportunity to constantly improve freight management to align service selection to need and drive costs down.

Innovation and flexibility in international logistics solutions

Acuitive is a pioneer, having launched the industry’s first international TMS vendor routing and audit portal – a true innovation.

Unlike most TMS providers, the Acuitive Global TMS handles international point-to-point rating and chargeable weight calculations based on volumetric (DIM) conversions. We also provide seamless prepayment audit services that can be integrated into the existing platform of a third-party provider.  Our technology is proprietary, scalable and adaptable to your specific needs. In other words, we’re very flexible.


Our solutions help shippers make critical operational decisions in minutes versus hours for manual processes.

We pride ourselves in offering end-to-end solutions and tools that are easy to learn, and easily used by individuals from across the organization, not just logistics personnel. Benefits of our international logistics solution include:

    • Cost reduction & internal efficiencies.
    • Dynamic routing to align service selection with need (static paper routing tables go away).
    • Greater control & intelligence when making a mode choice.
    • Improved data capture and better metrics for wiser decisions.
    • More accurate cost capture and forecasting.
    • Greater visibility and communications.
    • Rate management with automated updates and history.
    • Pre-payment freight bill audit of every invoice (to ensure accuracy from the start).