Dynamic Routing Tool Eliminates the Need for a Dated Static Routing Guide

With Acuitive, you can say goodbye to rule-of-thumb routing decisions and static routing guides. Our dynamic routing tool creates a streamlined, three-step process.

  1. Vendors log in, select the PO/Items they are ready to ship, confirm the packing details and expected hand-over date and submit the Routing Request.
  2. The Routing Request is then reviewed electronically, based on the needs of the shipment and your business rules, and automatically assigned to one of your designated providers or flagged for manual routing.
  3. Upon approval, routing details and applicable PO Data are sent to the supplier and forwarder via email/EDI, with the cost of automatically applied to the designated budget, including any necessary foreign currency conversion).

Read this case study about how a global fashion brand uses Acuitive to save millions annually on international expedited shipments.

Features and Benefits of Dynamic Routing

    • Shippers have quick access to all mode options and costs within minutes.
    • A rules-driven decision process identifies the proper decision maker, adding speed and accountability to the approval process. “Out of Office” settings automatically reroute requests for fewer internal delays.
    • All requests are transparent and documented to speed the process and add further accountability.
    • Rules-driven work cues, alerts and messaging, including optional supplier/consignee notifications and EDI tendering to nominated providers, enhance understanding and data accuracy.
    • Point-to-point shipment routing capability creates a clearer vision of routing.
    • Ability to interpret and accommodate multiple packaging configurations in a single international shipment.
    • Our dynamic routing system takes into account changing capacities and demand in real time, to speed up or slow down execution based on dynamic, ever changing needs.
    • Execution is made even more efficient by Acuitive’s ability to understand and interpret how each vendor’s Customer Service protocol works, regardless of country of origin or individual location. For example, customer service for the same company may be different in Shanghai and Hong Kong. Having this information already available means quicker identification and resolution of potential problems for both shippers and forwarders.
    • When circumstances call for expedited transport, Acuitive’s “Expedited Request and Budget Approval” process provides quick mode selection, rapid cost-option analysis, decision tracking, expedited approval protocols and cost assignment.
    • Shipment metrics are captured for post event and re-rating analysis, for use in daily business decisions and planning purposes.