Our Freight Bid System Offers Unprecedented Flexibility in Bid Entry, Submission and Management

Acuitive’s freight bid system allows for the carriers to submit portions as completed. This is especially helpful when carriers have multiple offices or trade lanes working on the bid simultaneously.

The freight bid submission process is intelligent and iterative. The system will accept all data that is successfully completed by the carriers, and only send back to them the rates that did not pass review. This allows the carriers to submit partial input without the fear of the system rejecting the entire submission.

Features and Benefits of Freight Bid System

      • Configurable Format means you include only the data that is important to your organization.
      • Containers are in a row format versus one per line/rate.
      • Configurable (Pick from a drop-down list) Number and Integer constraints on data columns standardizes the use of data columns for all providers.
      • Carrier configurable Region definitions ensures that rates being submitted match the carrier’s vessel/port networks.
      • Because accessorials are applied as a rule, there’s no need for the antiquated and burdensome approach of linking the accessorials to each rate submitted. This will save time and frustration for both shippers and providers.
      • Transit Matrix tool automatically generates all the routing combinations (lanes) for the carriers to populate with transit times that can be uploaded to match the previously uploaded rates.
      • Completely integrated with our Rate Management module to convert accepted offers into active contracts without the need to manually rekey data.