Agility and Control, Delivered in Real-Time, Globally

Acuitive’s cloud-native global TMS portal delivers solutions that help reduce the cost of international transportation, and bring unprecedented efficiency and responsiveness to supply chain management operations.

Our hosted Web portal facilitates real-time collaboration between different company departments, as well as between shippers and their local and global service providers and suppliers. The Acuitive portal allows an extraordinary degree of control and agility during procurement negotiations, and after, with auditing at the line-item level of detail.

It’s great to get a low freight rate, but if your current process isn’t sifting carefully through every invoice, your accounts payable might simply be overpaying. Acuitive’s global TMS eliminates the need for manual spreadsheet rate comparisons, enabling faster, easier transportation procurement and execution strategies that drive value straight to the bottom line.

Benefits of a Global TMS

A custom-built global TMS portal from Acuitive offers:

    • Fast, accurate analysis that facilitates quick decisions on mode selection and execution.
    • 24/7 real time and automatic communication to forwarders, suppliers, internal stakeholders and decision makers.
    • Simple, automated processes that help control, analyze and interpret key metrics including rates and rate history, routing patterns, audited invoices, contract terms, SOX compliance and all shipment details.
    • Automatic optimal route analysis and routing approval from a single interface for all modes, based on thresholds and business rules designed for the individual needs of your supply chain.
    • Continually captured historical data.
    • A simple point-and-click method for generating reports and queries.
    • Rapid ROI.
The Result: faster decision-making, powered by total transparency of the process, greater control and accountability.

Gone are the days of working from manually produced spreadsheets containing input errors. Better information means greater collaboration between departments, tightening operations, and reducing cost and cycle times.

Our global TMS also means better cost and budget forecasting, with costs assigned to designated budget lines. A clear transportation management history also offers insights into the value and effectiveness of decisions already made.