We Make International Transportation Planning Faster and More Accurate

Cost-effective inbound freight routing requires the ability to wrangle multiple, complex considerations into a simple plan. Acuitive enables you to centralize the decision-making process for greater control and supply chain integration.

Our software lets you set the internal control parameters determining who approves what and when, cutting down on the steps and time needed to make decisions. One of our customers reported the number of steps required to make inbound routing decisions fell from more than 20 steps to two.

Next, we provide visibility and transparency so that all key stakeholders – forwarders, carriers, suppliers and internal functions (including Payables, Accounting, Budget and Cost Analysts) are in the loop via email and EDI, increasing the flow of communication and accountability.

Achieving Supply Chain Integration with Acuitive’s Inbound Routing Portal

    • A single, easy to use interface for all modes reduces planning to two easy steps:
      1. A quote sheet is generated with a cost-per-unit for each service option.
      2. An automatic approval process is set in motion, according to decision-making protocols, followed by automatic communication (via EDI or email) to suppliers and forwarders. Shipment management time is reduced from days to hours or minutes.
    • Faster cost and service selection, with greater control.
    • Costs linked back to a specific expense line.
    • Better cost identification and detail, including gross cost, net premium and projected cost per piece/unit and all-in costs.
    • An integrated decision process that operates in a timely and cohesive manner across the organization.
    • Acuitive air route planning includes volumetric weights (DIM), accessorials and international currency conversions.
    • Easy to use, point-and-click generation of queries creates easily exported reports in spreadsheet or email format. Custom reports allow analysis according to any number of criteria, including vendor, service type, location, approval date, available to ship date, product category, payment terms, Inco terms. Vendor failures and delays are automatically flagged for further action.