Rate Management Module Delivers Tactical Savings and Strategic Advantage

Acuitive’s TMS portal includes a Rate Management module that reduces costs, saves time, creates greater transparency, improves stakeholder communication and accountability, and increases the speed and efficiency of transportation decisions. The Rate Management module is a work process tool that also delivers tactical, strategic and cost variance analyses, which can identify and foster best practices.

Features and Benefits of Rate Management Using the TMS Portal

    • A single interface, designed to manage all modes (FCL, LCL, Ocean, Air, Parcel, and Sea-Air) simplifies the process, and therefore saves time and money.
    • The Rate Management module serves the critical role as a communications hub connecting all stakeholders on the TMS portal. Information moves quickly and transparently to all stakeholders, with minimum errors, to ensure process integrity from start to finish.
    • By comparing bid/tenders using real shipment data, the Rate Management module identifies each provider’s strengths and weaknesses. The process includes year-over-year comparisons.
    • As a budgeting tool, the Rate Management module can analyze all aspects of proposed rate packages. For example, one of our large clients was offered a new rate package that included lower rates with different weight breaks and some fee changes. The provider’s rate offering was presented as a 10% cost reduction for the shipper. However, when the offer was analyzed through Acuitive’s Rate Management tool, we were able to demonstrate that the new package would actually increase the client’s overall costs by $1,000,000. With this information in hand, our client was able to avoid a costly misstep.
    • The Rate Management module can identify what factors are driving cost increases by breaking down spend activity into basic activities, controllable and uncontrollable variable costs, including “non-freight bill” logistics costs such as forwarding and trans-loading fees, and drayage charges.
    • The Rate Management module’s multi-modal rating engine houses all shipment transaction data, applicable rates, accessorial charges and contract details for application to ad hoc or historical shipments. The process follows defined business rules that link to multiple rates.
    • A fair, timely and accurate rate and service shopping solution that includes apples-to-apples rate comparisons with updated rates and fees. Updates can be made by a non-technical/administrative employee within the cloud-based TMS portal, or Acuitive can manage them for the shipper.
    • Specific lane and route rating provides the best match for shipment requirements and optimal combinations(s).
    • An easy 3-step process for comparison of air freight rates offers ease of use and visibility of cost-per-piece, carton or individual shipment.
    • Acuitive includes chargeable weight calculation functionality in all its air freight rating to create “best option” scenarios.
    • All rate analysis automatically accounts for configurable and discountable DIM factors, cubed cost, weight breaks, minimum fees, currency conversions, Inco terms and multiple languages.
    • Simple, point-and-click query options include data mining by provider, service type, equipment, configurable locations, zones or product/commodity.
    • Multiple-leg rate comparisons of ocean and air moves, to final destination.