Calculating Chargeable Weight

Calculating The Air Freight Chargeable Weight

When calculating the air freight chargeable weight, the chargeable cube for a shipment is not necessarily the same as a shipment's actual cube.

In the case of air shipments, the IATA guidelines allow for rounding the actual dimensions of each carton/unit in a shipment to the nearest integer before determining its Chargeable Cube.

Depending upon whether the individual dimensions were rounded up or down, a shipment's Chargeable Cube may be greater or less than its actual Cube. This is central to the air freight chargeable weight calculation.

This is where you will find some Forwarders' “processes” are different than others. How and when the dimensions and cube are rounded as the Chargeable Weight of a shipment is calculated may sound trivial – but it’s not.

In an industry where the routing of shipments can swing on rate variations of a single $.01, the impact of over calculating the Chargeable Cube (and thus the air freight chargeable weight basis for shipment charges) is huge – yet most companies do not audit these calculations.