Air Freight Spot Quote Platform

If you need an air freight quote, you typically need it quickly. Unfortunately, the quote process at many large companies can involve as many as 15 steps and take 3-4 days to complete.

Typical Manual Air Approval Process
(15 steps)

The Downside of an Inefficient Spot Quote Process

  • Lost Productivity. At least 1-2 hours per quote are spent populating spreadsheets and sending and receiving emails.
  • Poor management controls. There is no central data repository. Documents are fragmented and historical analysis is difficult.
  • Bad decisions. The “math” in many homegrown templates can be flawed.

A Better Way: Automated Air Freight Quotes

Acuitive’s spot quote process for air freight takes booking time from days to hours as shippers, forwarders and carriers collaborate in real time on Acuitive’s cloud-based portal.

Air Freight Quote Screen Capture Air Freight Quote Screen Capture 2

How do things change with the Acuitive Platform?

  • Makes the air freight quote process fast and simple – our easy 3-step process for comparing air freight rates offers visibility to cost-per-piece, carton or individual shipment.
  • Simplifies rate comparison – Acuitive software automatically accounts for configurable and discountable DIM factors, cubed cost, weight breaks, minimum fees, currency conversions, Inco terms and multiple languages.
  • Adds control – you invite who you want to invite
  • Allows you to regain time and easily scale – all communications and notifications are sent automatically

Bottom Line Benefits

  • Eliminate hours of unproductive, manual work
  • Access cheaper shipping options that are lost with time-consuming manual processes
  • Avoid costly mistakes that are common with manual processes that rely on data entry

Let’s Talk

If you’re frustrated with your current process for securing air freight quotes, we’d be happy to assess the improvement potential. Contact us to arrange a preliminary call.

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