MailRoom Shipping Platform

For large companies that ship parcels among global offices, the default solution for courier and parcel shipping is to use a “free” carrier-provided solution. But – surprise! – these tools are not designed to save you money; they’re designed to make money for carriers.

Downside of Carrier-Provided Parcel Shipping Solutions

  • Overspending. Carrier solutions don’t recognize and restrict bad behavior. Just because a letter can get there the next day doesn’t mean it has to.
  • Inflexible carrier choice. When you’re locked into one provider, you most definitely overpay for certain lanes where that carrier is less competitive.
  • Ambiguous service options. Carriers can benefit when parcel shipping options are unclear and you choose a higher-cost option. Did you know that Next Day 9 AM can be 480% more expensive than regular Next Day?
  • Poor control. Standalone point solutions don’t integrate to a single global repository that lets you monitor and manage your total inter-office shipping spend.

A Better Way: A Cloud-Based, Multi-Carrier Parcel Shipping Solution in the Mailroom

The Acuitive Mailroom shipping solution is a simple, easy-to-implement way to take control of your non-PO related small package and courier shipping – using your existing carriers and contracts.

We level the playing field with major carriers by letting you determine when you want it to arrive, and then work backwards to automatically identify the lowest cost option to meet the desired ETA.

Result: a 20%–30% reduction in inter-office shipping.

How Do Things Change with the Acuitive Platform?

  • Promotes comparison shopping across carriers so users can get the exact service needed at the lowest cost
  • Enables command and control over all locations – use Acuitive to standardize processes and constrain service selections
  • Makes users accountable – users can override the system, but they must provide a reason when not choosing the low-cost option, and these “exceptions” are flagged
  • Enhances management control – single global repository enables aggregate reporting on spend and user shipping behaviors across locations
  • Enables real-time visibility – built-in tracking functionality across all carriers, including email notifications to recipients

Bottom-Line Benefits

  • Reduce your mailroom shipping costs 20%–25% by not over-servicing
  • Reduce software costs – Acuitive Mailroom is available as part of a complete service suite for parcel shipping management or as a low-cost standalone subscription

Let’s Talk

If your inter-office shipping processes lack sufficient controls, this could be one of the easiest and quickest paths to transportation savings. We’d be happy to discuss your current process and assess the improvement potential. Contact us to arrange a preliminary call.

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