Samples Shipping Platform

One aspect of international air freight management that gets scant attention is sample distribution – despite the fact that, in industries like fashion and automotive, the annual shipping cost for samples can be $25 million and above.

The Downside of Manual, Poorly Monitored Sample Shipping

  • Overspending. Chosen service levels often don’t match the actual business need.
  • Lack of control. Suppliers gain access to and abuse you parcel account codes, often choosing the fastest service level.
  • Wasted resources. Hours are spent within the buyer group to manage a process that is easily automated. There are typically one or more FTEs per division dedicated to tracking buyer samples, at a cost of $150,000 per FTE.
  • No visibility. For Logistics, for Compliance and for the anxious buyers awaiting the shipment.
  • No accountability. Samples are the “wild west” of corporate air freight management. Divisions do their own thing without consistent standards or processes. There is no central record of shipments and costs and no way to monitor bad behavior by user, Department or Division.

A Better Way: Cloud-Based Software that Automates the Samples Shipping Process Based on Customer-Defined Business Rules

Acuitive’s Sample Shipping Platform brings end-to-end command and control to an out-of-control business process. It allows customers, suppliers and carriers to collaborate in the cloud on a uniform, efficient and economical shipping process. Check out Acuitive’s step-by-step process for sample shipment execution.

How Do Things Change with the Acuitive Platform?

  • Enables total control – you define the routing and business rules within the platform and change them easily at any time
  • Enables dynamic routing – mode and service are auto-selected based on the required ETA
  • Sets carrier preferences for different lanes to leverage cost advantages
  • Provides flexible shipping options – include as many as you would like to ensure alignment of service level with actual need
  • Prevents account code abuse by taking your codes out of the public domain
  • Generates shipping labels centrally for remote printing at the supplier’s location – ensures validated data and configuration setting are given to the carrier for proper customs clearance, delivery and billing
  • Provides complete transparency – end-to-end visibility with a central repository of shipment history and cost
  • Creates cost-saving bundled shipments in markets, like HKG to NYC, where volumes are high

Bottom Line Benefits

  • Save money by matching the service level with the actual business requirement
  • Reclaim unproductive time spent booking and monitoring sample shipments

Let’s Talk

If you’re wondering if your samples shipment program is inflating your air freight management spend, we’d be happy to discuss your current process and assess the improvement potential. Contact us to arrange a preliminary call.

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