History and Philosophy

Early in their careers, Acuitive’s founders witnessed a dysfunctional process while managing international freight shipping at various carriers and supply chain companies. Both being industry experts, they saw an opportunity to transform the management of global shipments. Migrating from an inflexible, paper-based process to an automated workflow would enable real-time collaboration and decision-making via a cloud-based infrastructure.

And so they began building software to realize this vision, and, in 2002, Acuitive Solutions was founded. Since then, the company has quietly and methodically grown to become a trusted provider of cloud-based global Supply Chain management solutions for some of the world’s largest brands.

Using our passion and creativity to develop solutions making complex processes simple while valuing our people and doing the right thing above growth and profits.

Leadership Team

We are experienced logisticians and industry veterans with real-world understandings of the complexities of global freight management.

Acuitive’s founders and leaders are experienced logisticians with a real-world understanding of the complexities of global freight management. Our solutions reflect the practical experience of industry veterans who want to apply modern technology to the fractured and highly manual processes still pervasive in the industry.

Why Acuitive

Acuitive’s cloud-based Supply Chain management solutions make it easier for Fortune 1000 companies to manage global Supply Chain shipments.

Our rules-based portal lets carriers and suppliers collaborate to manage air and ocean shipments and audits with almost no direct shipper involvement.

Why choose Acuitive’s Supply Chain software?


Global freight shipping focus.

Acuitive software was built specifically to manage the complexity of inbound air and ocean shipments.


Built by logistics experts, not software programmers.

We are roll-up-your-sleeves problem solvers who apply people-friendly automation to take time, cost, and complexity out of global freight management.



Acuitive is in use and delivering millions of dollars in value at some of the biggest brands in the fashion and retail industry.



Built for modern problem solving, where supply chain partners collaborate virtually and in real-time. No more emails and spreadsheets.


Rapid ROI.

Immediate impact to your bottom line in less than a year.



Easy-to-use, intuitive.

Training takes hours, not weeks or months.