Get your samples where they
need to be, hassle-free

Group 358

Imagine a world where…

  • You always know where your samples and prototypes are
  • The sample shipping process is seamlessly digitized and integrated into your ERP/PLM
  • Your shipping costs are firmly under control, while service is even more reliable
  • Your external suppliers are saving time and hassle as they execute error-free orders that pass through customs without issue
  • Your logistics management teams are on the same page and on the same side

Say goodbye to manual tasks, lost shipments, unexpected delays, and unforeseen overhead.

Ensemble introduces efficiency in the pre-production process.

With real-time visibility at the item and collection levels, Ensemble eliminates the chaos of managing hundreds of samples on varying schedules. 

In the fast-paced world of sample shipping, Ensemble is here to give you an edge.

Our seamless integration with your existing ERP/PLM system provides immediate access to essential shipping information, streamlining internal workflows, enabling proactive problem-solving, and putting an end to the black hole of unmanaged costs.