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Retail Supply Chain Case Studies

Acuitive Solutions helps large-volume international shippers streamline their retail supply chains.

Acuitive's global TMS systems automates the rating, routing and auditing of air and ocean shipments. Our audit service discovers an average of $1.4 M in invoice discrepancies per month for their customers.

Check out our retail supply chain case studies below to see how we have delivered savings to our clients.

"Acuitive’s unique capability to identify errors and make corrections prior to arrival drives visibility, improves accuracy, and ensures data integrity from booking to payment."

- Phil Marlowe, President and Chief Logistician for Acuitive Solutions

Our Case Studies

Ralph Lauren Automates Management of Inbound Airfreight to Drive Cost Savings, Enhance Control

New York City-based manufacturer and retailer Ralph Lauren creates luxury apparel that is both classy and highly sought-after. But its international airfreight transportation was anything but. The company didn’t have a way to route shipments according to the best available options for service and rates, and this resulted in inflated shipping costs.

The company turned to Acuitive Solutions to create an around-the-clock inbound vendor routing portal for international air freight. The system functions as an electronic planning, execution and control hub where freight is dynamically routed based on the needs of each shipment.

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Jo-Ann Stores Automates Manual, Time-Consuming Process for Ocean Freight Bill Auditing

Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores, the nation’s largest fabric and craft retailer, receives approximately 5,000 ocean container shipments annually from Asia and the Middle East. Before the company adopted software from Acuitive Solutions, not all ocean freight bills were audited and, when they were, the process was labor-intensive.

Acuitive developed and implemented a freight bill audit and payment scheduling process that today handles 100% of Jo-Ann’s invoices. Discrepancies are automatically flagged and then resolved directly with the carrier. Today, ocean freight audits are more accurate, more efficient, and require very little direct intervention from Jo-Ann’s billing department.

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For International Expedited Shipments, Fortune 500 Fashion Brand Learns that Faster Can Be Cheaper

A Fortune 500 fashion brand was spending millions on expedited inbound shipments to the U.S., including parcel shipments. But its freight routing process was not dynamic. Vendors shipped off static routing guide instructions using a rule of thumb: shipments less than 50 kilos went parcel, and those above went air.

The company used Acuitive Solutions’ cloud-based, global TMS to automate routing based on the particular attributes of the purchase order. For expedites, a large portion of shipments have shifted from freight forwarders to small parcel, speeding delivery time, increasing visibility, and actually saving money.

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Top 30 Importer Automates Ocean Freight Audit Process

One of the largest U.S. importers needed to improve the efficiency of its ocean freight audit process.  The company leveraged a solution from Acuitive to transform a highly manual, paper-based process into an automated process for pre-payment auditing of freight bills for 35,000 annual ocean containers. Finance staff is now directly involved in less than 1% of transactions.

According to the company’s director of logistics, “We moved from a 1950s, paper-based process to a modern, data-driven approach that allowed us to engage the problem-solving ability of some of our best people.”

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